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You will be taking home a living kitten Not a toy.    Just like adopting a child you may need to be patient while you both learn the rules of the new relationship.   If you are not ready for this then please don't enter into this commitment,  you will have to learn to share your home and be caring and understanding.
You can now read on if You are ready...........
No bookings or viewings of kittens are taken until they have had a vet check and the first vaccination.
Older Kitten ready now £900 Seal colourpoint female GCCF registered 
Born 9th September 2023 so nice and established characters without the kitten tantrums.
* contact us for pictures and information *
Our kittens come with a folder containing all their paperwork and documents, care sheet and other information.
They will have been fully vaccinated including luekemia with vaccination card  -  4 weeks  Pet  Plan  Insurance Cover  -  Pedigree Certificate  - Microchip  -  GCCF Registratin Document   -    goody bag including Royal Canin kitten food, sample bag of litter, scent blanket, a selection of their favourite toys and grooming accesories etc. 
If you would like a friend for your kitten why not consider an older cat to bring down the cost of purchasing two kittens,  please ask for details of any adults available.   They would be ideal to go at the same time with a kitten that they are familiar with and this youth brings back the 'kitten' in the older cats and is a joy to see.  They may have retired from breeding or be looking for new homes as I may have kept kittens from them or they may just not be happy with cattery life.  They will be homed where is most suitable to their needs not yours I am afraid so please don't be offended if I say 'no'.   Why would you want to take a cat that is not going be happy with you?
wiggle sticks
Please take a look on ebay for our favourite wiggle sticks,   you will get one included in your goody bag from us.    Extras can be purchased from ebay or slightly cheaper direct from us via email  contact.
We also try to keep some stock of our other favourite items below which you can collect with your kitten and will be cheaper than direct order.
Brit Pet litter tray sieve system,  seems expensive initially but saves a fortune on litter.
Miaustore Ceramic water fountain
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